Good Progress

Good Progress

Today, I’ve made good progress on Kannagara. The first playtest scenario is nearly finished in first draft. I think I need another day to get it done, which augurs well for it being completed within the year. Then I will try to recruit some people to actually try it, to find out whether it is at all playable.

One thing that I’m a bit concerned about is that the freedom of the players to decide what their environment is like is a bit limited in this draft. On the other hand, I dropped that because I decided that it was a good idea to try to get the basic structure working first, and then add the more elaborate things afterwards. The final introductory scenario may well include more opportunity to change things than this one.

One thought on “Good Progress

  1. As far as playtests go, you can totally count me in!

    As far as restricting options go, that’s my credo since 1889 (well, 2011 actually). In my experience offering an unlimited number of options benefits only those few players whose imagination is already large enough to allow them to make up their own game in the first place. Everyone else is usally hopelessly overchallenged by it.

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