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David Chart

Report on the Imperial Succession

The expert committee established by the Prime Minister to look into the question of how to secure the Imperial Succession has made its final report. It is a masterpiece of compromise and fudge, and I do mean that as a compliment. There is a chance of getting this past everyone who cares about the topic. (This process has been reported in Jinja Shinpō multiple times, and the final report of the committee was discussed in an article in the December 13th 2021 edition.) First, they have made it clear that… Read More »Report on the Imperial Succession

New Book: Suinin Tennō and Yamato Takeru

I have just made two more of the past Patreon essays available for purchase on Amazon: Suinin Tennō and Yamato Takeru. (That’s an affiliate link, just in case you thought I had no financial interest in the sales of my book. I do get royalties as well.) During the reign of Suinin Tennō, the son and heir of Sujin Tennō, there are myths concerning the foundation of Jingū at Isë, the use of divination to find the cause of and cure for an Imperial prince’s situation, and a prince from… Read More »New Book: Suinin Tennō and Yamato Takeru

Discussion of the Court Case

The December 20th/27th 2021 issue of Jinja Shinpō included an article about a meeting of the board of directors of Jinja Honchō at which, among other things, the progress of the court case was discussed. There hasn’t been any real progress (the appeal is still pending at the Supreme Court), but there were a couple of interesting points raised. First, Jinja Honchō paid the back salaries of the two former employees who sued them, to avoid Jinja Honchō’s assets being seized. However, the former employees returned the money, saying that… Read More »Discussion of the Court Case

Forestry with Parishioners

Another article in the series about sacred forests was in the December 13th issue of Jinja Shinpō. It was written by a priest of Hiraoka Jinja in Osaka Prefecture, the original jinja enshrining Amënokoyanë, the ancestral kami of the Nakatomi and Fujiwara. In 2001, when he had been at the jinja for nine years, its umë grove was selected as one of the “100 Best Smelling Places in Japan” by the Environment Ministry. He doesn’t recall having much reaction beyond thinking “yes, it does smell nice”, but the selection got… Read More »Forestry with Parishioners

Offerings and Transaction Charges

The December 20th/27th 2021 issue of Jinja Shinpō (a joint issue for the end of the year) included an article on the new transaction charges that many banks have been introducing, and their impact on jinja. Many banks have introduced, or are about to introduce, charges for deposits (or withdrawals, but the concern is over deposits) of large numbers of coins. In most cases, it is free up to one hundred coins, but after that there is a fee that works out to ¥1.1 per coin in ideal cases. (It… Read More »Offerings and Transaction Charges

Jinja in the Snow

I was going to write a serious article about cash offerings and transaction fees today. But it snowed! So, instead you can have some pretty pictures of Shirahata Hachiman Daijin. As you can see, the autumn leaves in the last photograph I took from this angle have fallen off. The clouds have passed, so it is a beautiful morning, but the ground is treacherous. Even where the snow was cleared, ice has formed. The sun will clear that up soon enough, so the approach to the prayer hall was safe… Read More »Jinja in the Snow

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