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Rural depopulation was, apparently, a topic that a lot of priests mentioned in the survey about hatsumōdë that Jinja Shinpō carried out and reported in the March 18th issue. It is the only subject where they explicitly mention that they do not have space to report all the comments that they received. This obviously is a serious problem, and one that I have mentioned many times before. The comments in the survey bring out two aspects of it. One is the absolutely simple “there are not enough people” problem. One… Read More »Depopulation

For the Future

The July 25th issue of Jinja Shinpō had quite a long article about a matsuri in rural Kyoto Prefecture to mark the designation of Saguri Jinja as a “Jinja to Promote the Revivification of Jinja in Depopulating Areas”. (As normal, the title sounds better in Japanese.) I am pretty sure that I have mentioned these programs before — the Shinto establishment is aware that rural depopulation is a major threat to rural jinja, and has been trying to address that for decades. The problem has not been solved, but it… Read More »For the Future