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The September 26th issue of Jinja Shinpō included a short article from Kanzaki Noritakë, a priest and folklorist who writes regularly for the “Mori ni Omofu” (“Thoughts in the Forest”) column. His columns are always interesting, and this was no exception. It was about Konsei-sama, also known as Konsei-kami (or Konsei-no-kami), Konsei Daimyōjin, Kinmaro-sama, Kanamaro-sama, or Kanamara-sama. There are signs of the veneration of Konsei-sama all across Japan, and the practice survives widely today, particularly, he says, in the area of Okayama Prefecture where he lives — he was able… Read More »Konsei-sama

The Future of Female Priests

At the end of August the Shinto Youth Association, a grouping of priests under 40ish, held a training session in Tokyo, which was reported in the September 12th issue of Jinja Shinpō. There were three presentations, one of which appears to have been a conventional motivational speech by a businessman, and of little interest to us. The others were interesting, and I will write about them here, in one post each. The first was about female priests. This was a panel discussion, with a (male) moderator and two female priests.… Read More »The Future of Female Priests

The National Council of Female Shinto Priests

As I have mentioned before, Jinja Shinpō has a weekly column called “Komorëbi”, “Sunlight Through Leaves”, which is written by eight or so people who take turns, and take on the task for two years. (Thus, they write a dozen columns each, roughly speaking.) The two year cycle has recently restarted, so people are publishing their first columns. As far as I can recall, there has always been at least one woman among the authors for as long as I have been reading Jinja Shinpō (which is about ten years… Read More »The National Council of Female Shinto Priests

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