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A Change of Focus

[Note added in October 2019: All the RPG articles that used to be on this site can now be found on, mostly in the Kannagara category. There should be functioning redirects for every page that was here to the new location there.]

I have decided to change the focus of this website, to be on Shinto more generally. There are a couple of reasons for this.

The first is that the game development has moved to doing the School of Magic game first, and that has nothing to do with Shinto. When I have working rules and come back to doing Kannagara, I will almost certainly start talking about it here.

The second is that I am going to launch a Patreon for essays about real-world Shinto in the near future, and I will use this site as the website for that project. The supported essays will only be available to patrons, and will be as objective as I can make them. Posts to this site will be about Shinto, but they will have a much more personal focus. That is, I will say what I think about very topics, rather than simply describing what is going on, or what was the historical situation. Obviously, the line between description and opinion is blurry. I think it is legitimate to describe Meiji religious policy as a persecution of Shinto, but that is not the conventional view. I am going to put that sort of thing on the objective side of the line, and argue for the conclusions, so posts on this site will be for personal experiences, whether I like things, and what I think should be done about various problems faced by Shinto in the present day.

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