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Rei Torii

Today, I was sent a notification of the publication of an art book containing Rei Torii’s Shinto pictures. I’ve mentioned Mr Torii before; he has painted a lot of works based on Jingū at Ise, as well as other aspects of Shinto. I plan to get the book, although I don’t plan to get it through Amazon. It only seems to be available on Amazon Japan, and the book is in Japanese. However, as it is primarily an art book, that is not such a great issue. It does mean that you won’t be able to read the discussion between Mr Torii and one of my students that the book apparently includes, but that is not the main point. I don’t have the book yet, but Mr Torii sent me the brochure himself (with a form letter, so I assume I am on his mailing list), so he is obviously pleased with how it turned out. I will probably post about it again when I actually have it.

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