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New Patreon Essay: Izumo Yogoto

I have just sent all my patrons (from my Patreon) the links to December’s essay, about the Izumo Yogoto. This is an ancient norito, which was recited by a new chief priest of Izumo Ōyashiro to the Tennō on his (the priest’s) accession to the role. It was important enough to be recorded in the Engishiki, a compilation of the details of the implementation of the law made in the tenth century that is an extremely important source for the history of Shinto, but it is certainly older than that. Its content sheds light on early, and regional, versions of myths, and on early Shinto practice.

If you are interested in this essay, or any of the older ones I have written for my Patreon, sign up for the Patreon and ask me about getting back numbers.

Thank you!

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