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Shinto Practice for Non-Japanese

I have made two more of the back numbers of the Patreon essays available on Amazon: Shinto Practice for Non-Japanese. (Note that the links to Amazon are affiliate links, which means that I may get money if you buy something else after clicking on them, as well as, obviously, getting royalties if you buy my book.) This includes the essay for last month. I’ve made it available this quickly because these essays address questions that get asked a lot: can someone who isn’t Japanese practise Shinto, and if so, what should they do?

The two essays collected here answer those questions. The first one deals with the question of whether you can (spoiler: yes), and gives details on what you should do if you are in Japan, along with some general considerations about practice outside Japan. The second essay is detailed instructions for basic Shinto practice if you are outside Japan. There are other ways to practise Shinto outside Japan, but most people asking the question would like one concrete answer, so that is what I am offering. There are, unfortunately, practical problems at the moment, but I also offer ways to get around them.

If you find these essays interesting, I encourage you to check out my Patreon, where I offer essays on Shinto on a monthly basis.

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