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More Back Issues Available

Some more of the old Patreon essays are now available for purchase if you missed them.

First, The Descent from the Heavens and The Hyūga Generations are available on Amazon in Imperial Origin Myths. These are the myths of how the ancestors of the Tennō got to Japan, and what they did there, up to the birth of the first Tennō, Jinmu. They were first released earlier this year.

Second, Shinto from the Shore is available independently on Gumroad. This essay is from 2017, and describes how I thought about Shinto at that time. Looking over it, I haven’t rejected all of those opinions yet.

All the back issues are listed on the Back Numbers page, with links to where you can buy the ones that are currently available. There are still a few that are not available, but I am working on it.

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