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More Back Issues Available

I have made some more back issues from the Patreon available again.

First, I have put Offerings for the Kami on Amazon. This combines my essays on shinsen (offerings of food and drink) and kagura (sacred dance). Both of these essays were heavily edited for space reasons before they were included in my book, to remove almost all of the discussion of specific local examples. If you are interested in reading about special offerings at particular jinja, or traditional local forms of kagura, then you might want to pick this essay up even if you already have the book, but there is quite a lot of overlap. (I think a bit more than half of the essays went into the book.)

Second, I have made Myths from the Izumo Fudoki available on Gumroad. These are myths that are not covered in most retellings of Japanese myths, because they are not from the Kojiki, and also because many of them are extremely fragmentary. The text is primarily an eighth-century gazetteer of a province of Japan, and in many cases it only records the fragment of a myth needed to explain a place-name. Still, they are very interesting.

Eventually, all the back issues will be available for purchase somewhere, but it will take a while. Mimusubi is a one-man operation, after all.

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