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More Back Issues

I have made some more back issues available for purchase. This includes a very, very recent back issue, as last month’s essay is now available on Amazon. The two issues available there, in Explaining Shinto, cover the reasons why it is difficult to explain Shinto, particularly in English. The first problem is that Shinto does not have an “essence”; there is nothing that one can point to as the heart of Shinto, and that unifies all the detailed explanations. The first essay looks into that situation, and suggests why it might have arisen. The second problem is that a lot of the things or concepts that are important in Shinto do not exist in English-speaking countries, which makes translation very difficult. The second essay looks at that problem, mostly through specific examples of problematic terms. The essays should help you to understand Shinto, by showing how it is different from what you might expect.

The second release is from earlier last year. This is an essay about Meiji Jingū, available on Gumroad. Meiji Jingū is the largest jinja in Tokyo, and one of the largest in the country. In a normal year (not this year), about three million people visit it for hatsumōdë in the first three days, and it expects around eight million visitors over the course of a year. It is set in a substantial forest in central Tokyo, and many residents of Tokyo are surprised to learn that it celebrated its centenary last year; they think it is far older than that.

Patrons on my Patreon received these essays earlier, so if you are interested in getting the material sooner, please consider signing up.

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