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Ofuda Advertising

Students at Kōgakkan University in Mië Prefecture were asked by the prefectural Jinjachō to make some videos to advertise ofuda, the sacred plaques that are venerated in household shrines. They produced three, all using glove puppets.

Bunny Rabbits (30 seconds)

Bunny Rabbits (90 seconds)

Grandmother & Granddaughter (90 seconds)

These are, apparently, targeted at women in their 20s and 30s, who are the group least likely to know about Jingū Taima and other ofuda, and were conceived and directed by, I think, a member of the target demographic. (I am going off a name and a photograph taken from the back, so I might have that wrong.)

The automatically translated English subtitles are, as far as I checked, hilariously bad. I recommend watching once without them, and then once with for the entertainment value.

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