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New Book: Suinin Tennō and Yamato Takeru

I have just made two more of the past Patreon essays available for purchase on Amazon: Suinin Tennō and Yamato Takeru. (That’s an affiliate link, just in case you thought I had no financial interest in the sales of my book. I do get royalties as well.)

During the reign of Suinin Tennō, the son and heir of Sujin Tennō, there are myths concerning the foundation of Jingū at Isë, the use of divination to find the cause of and cure for an Imperial prince’s situation, and a prince from the mainland who brought sacred treasures and became the ancestor of a Tennō.

Yamato Takeru was the son of one Tennō and the father of another, but not a Tennō himself, at least not in the central myths. There are many stories about him, and while they are individually interesting, there are a lot of mysteries about them, and about how they fit together.

The book is pretty short, because each essay is about 5,000 words, but we are now getting into the Shinto myths that are not so well known in the west — or, indeed, in Japan. I am continuing to write about myths, and other Shinto topics, over on my Patreon.

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