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An Introduction to Shinto in Paperback

My book, An Introduction to Shinto, is now available in print from Amazon (affiliate link!). It is available from all the local Amazons, although the affiliate link is to the US store, because that is where most of my sales happen.

The content is the same as the Kindle version, except that I have added QR Codes for the links, and the paperback is printed in black and white, so the illustrations and photographs are also in black and white. This is not ideal, especially for the illustrations of priestly vestments, but colour printing is expensive.

Because I know that some people will want colour, I am preparing a full-colour hardback version. I am still waiting for the proof copy from Amazon, but I do know that it will be $59.99 — I did say that colour printing is expensive. If the first proof is OK, I expect the hardback to be available around the middle of next month. If I need to do another proof, it will probably be another month. However, if you really want the colour version, you might want to wait.

If you just want a physical version, though, you can buy the paperback.

I have a Patreon, where people join as paid members to receive an in-depth essay on some aspect of Shinto every month, or as free members to receive notifications of updates to this blog. If that sounds interesting to you, please take a look.

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