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Tamao Live

Tamao is now available for purchase on AmazonGumroad, and DriveThruFiction. (Affiliate links to Amazon and DriveThruFiction. I only get the royalties from Gumroad.)

Here is the blurb again, in case you missed it last time.

Akiko Tanahata liked her normal life in Japan, with a clerical job and a serious boyfriend. Shinto shrines were just places to visit at New Year. But that all changed when she sought shelter from a sudden downpour, and found herself in an impossible space, confronted by a great serpent. Now the serpent will not leave her alone, and she can see the pollution that is slowly corrupting Kawasaki. As her normal life is taken apart by forces beyond her control, Akiko must learn about the kami, and take control of her own future if she is to save her city.

2 thoughts on “Tamao Live”

  1. From a five star review of Tamao on Amazon:

    The Stephen King of Shinto?

    Just finished reading and rereading this wonderful shinto urban fantasy which besides being an entertaining read also helped me better understand different aspects of Shinto.

    The Stephen King reference to the author, David Chart, of Tamo, is due to my reading his book immediately after reading the 7 books of the Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, which many, including the author, call his best works.

    Tamao fits right in with the Dark Tower series in many ways. At least for me. Hopefully Tamao will also become a series. Thankful.

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