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Himeji Jinja Website

The project at Jinja Honchō to help jinja with their provision for foreigners is moving along. We actually have more jinja wanting help than we can support, now, so there is a waiting list. Fortunately, this is the sort of thing that does not tend to have a strict deadline, so jinja can afford to wait a few weeks for one jinja’s project to finish and free up some of my time.

That has just happened. Himeji Jinja now has an English website. The design is simple, because they do not have much budget and thus need to maintain it themselves, but it is, at least, usable. (The hope is to add some more photographs soon, and the senior priest is looking into shifting over to a secure connection.)

The original plan included special prayer experiences, but the priests at the jinja have been too busy to do the necessary planning at their end. Thus, we have scaled back a bit, to just the website, and we will return to look at other things later, when they have a bit more time. That, I think, is going to be common — we will find out what the jinja and Jinja Honchō actually have the resources for as the projects move forward. Sometimes, we will do exactly what was initially discussed, sometimes more, and sometimes less.

In any case, I think that the creation of an English web page, and laying the foundations for further developments, was a valuable contribution to the jinja. I hope that they will be in touch again about the next stages.

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