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2023 Snake

My local jinja, Shirahata Hachiman Daijin, had its annual First Rabbit Festival a few weeks ago (on the first day of the rabbit in March, as always), which means that there is a new snake up on the inner torii. Here are some photographs, which I took the day after it was put up, in nice weather. It still looks very fresh. At some point, I should put up photographs of what it looks like after a few months of being rained on.

The festival itself is primarily a divination ritual for the year’s harvest, and I have described it before. This post is just for the photographs.

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3 thoughts on “2023 Snake”

    1. I am of patriarch Aztec descent,and in the Mesoamerican culture there are actual kind “kami” serpents that bless and guard the People such as this charmer.Maybe the snake should be named “Ollie”,that lovable Saturday morning TV character. Arigato amigo.

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